U-Boxes: What To Look Out For!

Let me begin by saying that everything I’m telling you is from my own experience of 9 years in the moving business. U-boxes are a great way to transport your goods from one place to another but there are problems with the system. U-boxes left outside in the weather some times, boxes falling apart and in need of repair and not secured properly. Boxes falling off the truck or sent to the wrong U-Haul, u-boxes transported behind rented trucks on trailers, or helpers not showing up to load or unload your household goods. Now here are my recommendations to you; first, find out if this moving system is right for you and if you can wait for your goods, or you don’t need your goods right away. Verify and inspect (they have assigned letters and numbers) the u-box you will receive, make sure the cover doesn’t have holes in them so that the box will not get wet in case of rain and damage your goods. You can hire your own moving labor to load and unload your goods that are licensed and insured and are professional and experienced. U-boxes are one source of shipping to look at but do your homework and don’t depend on the location for a smooth move.